What is the point of the waivers?

Waivers ensure the safety of you and your children. in case of emergency we need to contact information.

Why do I need a stamp if I’m not playing?

The stamps are to guarantee no one walks out with your child. Upon arrival, we give you and your child matching stamps. When you exit the building we check to make sure the adult and child have matching stamps.

How do you clean the jungle gym?

As a team, we disinfect using industrial disinfectant.

Do adults need socks too? And what happens if I forget my socks?

Yes, adults need socks in case you need to enter the jungle gym for your child. We have socks available at the front desk to purchase.

Can adults play too?

You have free range as a parent to play in every part of our facility to create a wonderful family experience.

Do you have free Wi-Fi?

Yes, the password is available at the front desk.

Is there a charge for adults?

Yes, adults are charged $1.95 for entry.  Also, each adult must have a signed waiver  on file.

Am I able to leave my child unattended in the play area?

All children must be accompanied by a guardian or adult.

Do your staff monitor the play area?

Yes, our staff helps to maintain a clean and safe play area. However, we highly recommend that you keep an eye on your child to guarantee their upmost safety.

If I lose an item how long does it stay in the lost & found?

We generally keep items for 2 weeks before they are donated.

Once I have paid for entry, is there a time limit on playing?

Playtime is unlimited to all of our guests during regular business hours.